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We are a network of cleaning professionals that have added the necessary training, equipment and products to provide guaranteed mold removal.

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Many of our affiliates have been trained, equipped and certified in a combination of the above services and skill disciplines, and are able to provide you a wide range of services for your apartment buildings, business locations or rental properties. Should you be looking for such an arrangement, please contact Michael Martin directly at 207.944.3495.

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Mold Spores

Do You Recognize the Threat Posed by Mold Spores to You and Your Family?

Mold spores in the air can pose a serious health threat, especially to individuals with respiratory conditions such as asthma or allergies. When inhaled, these spores can trigger allergic reactions, respiratory issues, and exacerbate existing health problems. Prolonged exposure to mold spores can lead to more severe health issues, including respiratory infections and lung damage. It is important to address mold growth in the home promptly to prevent the spread of spores and protect the health of occupants.

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Are You Looking to Expand Your Contract Cleaning Business?

Adding specialty service divisions to your contract cleaning business is a good move.

Receiving the necessary training and certifications to provide a broader assortment of services to your customers increases efficiency, reduces billing costs and often offsets lower margin service offerings. In short, increase your value to your marketplace and you can justifiably charge a higher rate for solving the tougher problems faced by your clientele. Joining MoldPros is like having a training and consultancy company always at your fingertips. We help you with the training, marketing and are there when you need to get questions answered quickly.

Read More about Joining MoldPros here.

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Products for Pros from Synergy Americas, Inc.

Our MoldPros affiliates use products provided by Synergy Americas, Inc. a company dedicated to providing the most comprehensive line of products for cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing of air spaces and the items in them.

Our large space (up to a whole house of 1800 sf) kit allows you to fill surfaces and air spaces with VCD (Vaporous ClO2).

Synergy A-B Kit

Our A-B Kits are often preferred by professionals looking to eliminate mold spores in even larger air spaces.

Odor Control 90 Pouches

Our 200g Odor Control 90 Pouches helps the professional maintain mold spore free areas like attics and crawl spaces.

OdorPros 20g Stabilized ClO2 Powder

Our 20g Stabilized Odor Removal Powder gives the professional a means of creating 2 gallons of mold odor killer.

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